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Managing Sponsored Awards

Setting Up an Award

In order for a project team (PI, grant administrator, researchers) to begin spending on a sponsored award, certain steps must be taken in order to set up the account or authorize pre-award spending.  

Notice of Grant Award

A notice of grant award— also referred to as notice, NOGA, NGA, sponsor notice, or award letter— is a notification from a sponsor indicating that a proposal has been funded. Notice of grant awards are typically received by the OVPR, although on occasion a PI may be notified directly. This notification may require the signature of an authorized University official. Notices should be forwarded to the OVPR for review and processing.

Review of Terms and Conditions

Before accepting an award on behalf of the University, OVPR reviews all terms and conditions, regardless of the sponsor, and is responsible for negotiating appropriate remedies if an award fits into one of the following categories:

  • Contains provisions that are incompatible with the University's policies on sponsored research
  • Inconsistent with government-wide regulations for universities
  • Fails to include all elements agreed upon prior to the award
  • Requires modification to conform to the Principal Investigator's needs
  • Includes non-standard patent and/or licensing terms
Account Set Up

When the notice of a grant award and related terms and conditions are accepted by the University, an account is set up in Banner. Upon receiving a sponsor award notice or update to an award, a Grants and Contracts Specialist in the OVPR initiates the account set-up process. Once complete, the Grants and Contracts Specialist contacts the PI’s department administrator to confirm award terms and conditions, dates and dollars and accounts activated for the award

Industry-Sponsored Research

One area that requires special consideration, and where industry-sponsored research differs from government and foundation sponsored research, is when equipment and/or facilities involved in the research have been financed through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds.

Internal Revenue Code regulations governing such research impose certain requirements on the licensing of intellectual property that arises from research sponsored under such agreements.

Managing an Award

Sponsored Research at SLU

We define sponsored research as funding from non-SLU sources to support scholarly inquiry performed by University faculty and staff. Sources of funding include the federal government, state and local agencies, hospitals, foundations, corporations and foreign entities.

Integrity, Safety and Responsibility

Sponsored award funding is highly regulated and principal investigators (typically faculty) are primarily responsible for managing the regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities of sponsored research funds. The OVPR supports faculty in this effort.  Our staff helps faculty navigate the life cycle of an award, from searching for funding opportunities to setting up the account to monitoring of expenditures to reporting and closing out the account.

As scientists and scholars who receive public and private support for researchers, we have an obligation to maintain the public trust in research results and outcomes through sound financial management, ethical treatment of research subjects, care for the environment, and rigorous, transparent research practices.

Stewardship and Compliance

Many individuals within the University share responsibility for proper stewardship of these funds. Our primary sponsor, the National Institutes of Health, dictates guidelines around systems and controls for grantees to follow in overseeing their funding. At the same time, the federal government requires us to conduct research administration business with them electronically.

The Office of the Vice President for Research supports faculty and staff in this effort through a number of tools:

  • We provide staff and technology within the Office of the Vice President for Research to help faculty find funding opportunities, review proposals, negotiate awards, maintain accounts and records, seek reimbursement for expenses from sponsors, and fulfill sponsor reporting requirements.
  • We monitor sponsored projects for compliance with sponsor terms and conditions, University policies, and federal regulations and standards.
  • We prepare and implement financial and administrative policies, procedures, and sponsor and regulatory compliance issues of interest to the research community.
  • We provide training to the University in the application of new and existing policies and regulations.

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ClinCard provides prompt and efficient payment to research study participants. Research teams seeking access to ClinCard must be compliant with University policies on responsible research conduct.