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Center for Risk Reduction

The Saint Louis University School of Nursing's Center for Risk Reduction focuses on research that limits complications from medical procedures and improves quality of life.

Areas of current research include:

Tube Feedings

During the past two decades, Norma A. Metheny, Ph.D., has focused on methods to reduce risk for complications associated with tube feedings. Her earliest work, funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research, evaluated a series of methods to determine when feedings were properly positioned.

Injury Prevention

Dr. Helen Lach's research interests are primarily in the area of injury prevention and health management with community-dwelling older adults and their families. She has studied falls and fear of falling, management of safety problems for people with Alzheimer's disease in the home setting, and other issues in health education/health promotion. More recently, Dr. Lach has utilized home monitoring systems to observe the movement of people with fear of falling. Using new technology, she aims to broaden the reach of the evidence-based fall prevention program.  

Exercise Behavior

Dr. Joanne Schneider's research focus is health behavior in older adults with a particular emphasis on exercise behavior. Her National Institute of Nursing Research funded research project focused on changing older adults' perceptions about their exercise behavior. More recently, Dr. Schneider has shifted her efforts to meta-analysis of health behavior research.