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SLU Skill Questions

You can ask your Saint Louis University Alexa Echo Dot more than 100 questions specific to SLU, and even more are planned.

Make sure to start your question with “Alexa, ask SLU.” (For example, "Alexa, ask SLU what time Simon Recreation Center opens.”)

Please note that in order to make the SLU Alexa skill more user friendly, there are instances where a question can be asked multiple ways. In those cases, we have listed each question separately.

  •  Who is my academic advisor? / Who is my advisor? / What is the name of my advisor?
Academic Calendar 
  • Is there an academic calendar?
  • When does the semester (school) start? / When does school start? / When is the first day of school?
  • When is fall break? / When is fall vacation? / When are we out for the fall? / When does fall break start? / When does fall break begin?
  • When is Thanksgiving break? /  When are we off for Thanksgiving? / When does Thanksgiving break start? / When does Thanksgiving break begin?
Bill Pay & Taxes
  • Where do I view or pay my bill? / I want to pay my bill / How do I pay my bill?
  • When is my bill due? / When is my payment due? / When do I owe money? /  When is payment due?
  • Where do I mail my payment? / What's the address for payment? / How can I pay? /  How do I make a payment?
  •  Can I make a payment in person? / Can I pay in person?
  • How do I pay my bill online? / Where do I pay my bill online?
  • Can payments be made by parents, guardians or other individuals? / Can someone else pay for me?
  • How do international students make wire payments? / How do I wire a payment? / How can I pay by wire? / Can I pay by wire?
  • Are there monthly payment plans? / How can I pay monthly? / Where do I setup monthly payments? / How do I setup monthly payments?


  • Where can I find my 1098-T tax form? / How can I get a 1098-T tax form? / What is the 1098-T? 
Building and Office Location Related Questions
  • Where is {building/office/campus food service name}?
  • What is the address for {Building name}?
  • How do I get to {building/office/campus food service name}?
  • How can I find {building/office/campus food service name}?

Current List of Buildings

  • Busch Student Center (BSC)
  • Dubourg Hall
  • Pius Library
  • Simon Recreation Center

Current List of Offices/Locations

  • Academic Technology Commons 
  • Bookstore 
  • Career Services
  • Disability Services
  • Fitness
  •  Housing and Residential Life (reslife)
  • Innovation Studio
  •  KSLU Radio
  • Parking and Card Services
  • Pools
  • Sand volleyball
  •  Saint Louis Room
  • SGA Senate Chambers
  •  SLU-TV
  •  SLUruba
  • Student Involvement Center
  • Student Financial Services (Financial Aid office)
  • Student Success Center 
  • The University News
  • University Registrar
  •  U.S. Bank

Current List of Campus Food Services

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Panda Express
  • Saint Louis Bread Company (Panera)
  • The Billiken Club and Grill
Campus Safety 
  • How do I report an emergency? / I have an emergency / I need help
  • What’s the number for DPS?
  • What's the number for non-emergencies?

Please note that your Saint Louis Univeristy Alexa Echo Dot cannot dial 911. 

Class Registration & Schedule 

Class Schedule

  • How do I find my class schedule? / What is my class schedule? / What is my semester schedule?

Dropping a Class 

  •  What will happen if/when I drop a class? / What happens if I drop a class?
  • Help me drop a class / I need to drop a class
  • What is my Registration Pin? / How do I get a registration pin? / I forgot my registration pin / I lost my registration pin

Commencement Ceremonies 

  • Where is Saint Louis University's commencement held? / Where is commencement? / Where do I go for commencement? / Where do i go for graduation?
  • When is Saint Louis University's December commencement ceremony? / When is the December commencement ceremony? / When is December graduation?
  • Where can I find the schedule for SLU's spring pre-commencement ceremonies? / Where are the spring pre-commencement ceremonies? / When is Saint Louis University's May commencement ceremony? /  When is the May Commencement? /  When is May graduation?
  • Can I watch the Saint Louis University commencement ceremony online? / Will the graduation be online? / Will the commencement be online? / Will commencement be streamed?

Caps & Gowns

  • Where do I get my cap and gown for SLU commencement? / How do I get a cap and gown?


  • Where do I get my diploma from Saint Louis University? / Where is my diploma? / I didn't get my diploma?


  • How do I RSVP for the President's Toast to the Class, my pre-commencement ceremony or the commencement ceremony? / How can I go to the president's toast?
  • Are there accommodations near Saint Louis University? / Where can I stay for graduation? / What are the hotels for graduation?
  • Is there a commencement press release template for my hometown newspaper
  • What are important dates for the upcoming school year?
  • Does Saint Louis University offer any resources for students after graduation? / What can I do after graduation?
  • What events are happening on campus today? / What events are happening? / Are there events today?
  • When is the next sports event on campus? / What sporting events are coming up?
  • When are the Billikens playing?
  • What concerts are taking place at Chaifetz Arena? / What concerts are playing at Chaifetz Arena? / What's at the arena today? / What's at the arena tonight? 
Financial Aid

General Information

  • Where can I learn about Financial Aid? / I need financial aid / How do I get financial aid?
  • Where can I find my financial aid status? / How can I check my financial aid?
  • Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year? / Do I have to reapply for financial aid?
  • How can I be considered for financial aid?
  • If I apply earlier, when will I receive aid offers? / When can I get an aid offer? / When will I receive an aid offer? 

Award Acceptance 

  • How do I accept my financial aid award from SLU? / Where do I accept my financial aid?
  • Where do I get my reward letter? / How do I get my reward letter?
  • I'm a returning student. When will I get my award letter?

Audit & Verification

  • Why was I chosen for verification? / Why do I need to be verified? / Why am I being audited? / Why am I being verified?


  • What is SLU's FAFSA school code? / Where do I find SLU's FAFSA?
  • Why is my estimated family contribution (EFC) different than the amount I have to pay? / What is my EFC?
  • Is there a deadline to file the FAFSA? / When do I have to file the FAFSA?
  • Where do I find SLU's FAFSA school code?
  • Do I have to file a FAFSA? / Is my FAFSA needed?
  • What are the advantages to using prior, prior year on the FAFSA? / What are advantages of using PPY?
  • Where can I get more information and help with the FAFSA? / Where can I get more information on FAFSA? / Where can I get help with FAFSA?
  • My parents are separated or divorced. Who should file the FAFSA? / Who should file the FAFSA?  / Do I file the FAFSA?
  • Is my FAFSA in Saint Louis University's system yet? / What is the status of my FAFSA? / Where is my FAFSA?
  • I have special circumstances not reflected on the FAFSA. How do I tell SLU about this? / I have more information for FAFSA.

Financial Aid Counseling

  • Who is my financial aid counselor and how can I contact them? / What is the name of my financial aid counselor? /  How do I contact my financial aid counselor?
  • Do I need an appointment to visit with a financial aid counselor? / How can I see my financial aid counselor?
  • How do I find out about my financial aid?


  • Where can I find Financial Aid Forms? / Where are the financial aid forms? / How can I get financial aid forms? / Where do I get financial aid forms?


  • What types of educational loans can I or my family apply for? / What educational loans are available? / What are the common student loans?
  • How do I sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete entrance counseling? / Where do I sign an MPN? / Where do I sign a Master Promissory Note?
  • Where do I complete entrance counseling?
  • What are the total amount limits for Federal Direct loans? / What are the limits for Federal Direct loans? / What are the loan limits for for federal loans?
  • What is the total amount of my college loans? / What are my college loans? / Where can I find out about my college loans? / Where can I find out about my student loans?
  • When do educational loans go into repayment? / When do I have to pay back my loans?
  • What is the difference between federal and private loans? / What is a private loan? / What is a federal loan?

Qualifying for Financial Aid

  •  I think my family makes too much money. Should I still apply for financial aid? /  Should I still apply if my family makes too much money?
  • How can I qualify for financial aid?


  • Where is my refund and how much is it for? / How can I find out about my refund? / How much is my refund? / Do I have a refund?
  • Where do I send my private scholarship check? / What do I do with my private scholarship check? / Where do I send my outside reward?

Summer Aid

  • When should I apply for summer financial aid? / Where can I get summer financial aid? / When are applications due for summer aid?

Tuition & Fees 

  •  Is there a way for me to estimate the cost of attending SLU? / How much will SLU cost? / How much is SLU?


  • What is PPY? / What does "prior, prior year" (PPY) mean?
  •  What is Data Retrieval (DRT) and why should I use it on the FAFSA? / What is DRT? / What is the IRS Data Retrieval Tool?

Work Study 

  •  Can I have more than one federal work-study job?
ITS & Technology Related Questions

Blackboard Learn

  • How do I access Blackboard Learn? / Where do I access Blackboard Learn / Where is Blackboard Learn?
  • Do I need special software to use Blackboard Learn? 

Personal Network Devices

  •  How do I register a device?

Computers, Computer Labs & Software

  •  Where are computer labs available? / Where are computer labs? / Where can I use a computer?
  • I need help with my computer / Where can I take my computer for help?
  • Where do I download Office? / How do i get Office? / Where can I get Office?
  • Where do I download antivirus? / How do I get antivirus? / Is there antivirus software?

Email and Outlook

  • How come I can't sign in to my Outlook app on my iphone?
  • I am having a problem signing into my Outlook app. / How do I sign in to my outlook app? 


  • How do I register my gaming console on the network? / Can I register my gaming console? / Can I use my gaming device?
  • How do I connect my Xbox to the wireless network? / Can I connect my Xbox? / Can I use my Xbox?

ITS Helpdesk

  •  When is the helpdesk open? /  Is the helpdesk open? / What time does the helpdesk open? / When is ITS available? / Is ITS available?
  • How do I get help from ITS? / Where do I get help from ITS? / I need technology support / I need tech support
  • How can I get help with my computer? / Is walk-in support available?


  • What is MySLU? / Where is MySLU? / How do I use MySLU?


  • Where can I print on campus? / I need to print. / How do I print?
  • What is my print credit? / What is print credit? / How much print credit do I have? / How do I check my print credit? / How do I check my print credit balance? / What is my print credit balance?
  • How much does it cost to print? / What is the print cost?
  • Where can I print posters? / Where can I do poster printing? / Can I print posters? 


  •  What ismySLUNet ID? /I forgot my SLUNet ID / I need a SLUNET ID
  • How do I access my email? / I can't get my email / Where is my email?
  • How do I reset my password /  I forgot my password / What is my password


  •  What is Tegrity Lecture Capture?
  • How do I view a Tegrity recording? / Where do I view a Tegrity recording? / How do I access a course recording? 

TV and Cable

  •  How do I connect my TV? / Can I connect my TV?
  • What channel is X on? (For TV channel info)


  •  How do I connect to wi-fi? / Is there wi-fi? / Where do I connect to wi-fi? / Is there a wi-fi network?
Residence Life Related Questions 

Important Locations and Hours

  • What time is the library open? / When is the library open? / What time does the library open? / When does the library close? / What time does the library close?

  • When is Simon Rec open? / When is the Rec Center open? / What time does the Rec Center close? / What time does the Rec Center open? / Is Simon Rec open? / What time does Simon Rec close? / What time does Simon Rec open? / Is Simon Rec open?


  • Are there laundry machines open in my building? / Where can I do laundry?

Maintenance Requests

  •  How do I submit a maintenance request? / Where How do I get something fixed in my room?
  • How do I call maintenance? / How do I call facilities? / How do I submit a work order? / What’s the number for maintenance? 


  • What is the correct way to address a package to SLU? / How do I mail something to SLU? / How do I ship something to SLU?

Network Jacks 

  •  How do I get more network jacks in my room? / Can I get more network jacks?


  •  Who is my residence hall coordinator?

What's Allowed?

  • What items are allowed and restricted in the residence halls? / What can I bring to my room? / What appliances are allowed? / What is not allowed in my room? / What is not allowed in the residence halls?


  •  What hours can I have visitors in my room? /  When can I have visitors in my room? / When do visitors have to leave?
SLU Facts
  •  What is a Billiken? 
SLU ID and Billiken Bucks

Billiken Bucks

  • What are billiken bucks? / How can I use billiken bucks?
  • How do I add money to my Billiken Bucks account? / How do I add money? / Where do I add money to my Billiken Bucks account?
  • Explain the difference between Billiken Bucks, Flex, and meal swipes?


  • What is the SLU ID card? / What is my SLU id card?
  • What is the purpose of a SLU ID card?
Student Life

General Questions About Student Organizations

  • What student organizations are available? / What student organizations can I get involved in related to service, medicine, engineering, etc.?

Greek Life

  •  When is sorority recruitment? / When is sorority recruitment happening? / When can I pledge a sorority?
  • What sororities does SLU have? / What sororities are on campus?
  •  How do I register for sorority recruitment? / How do I join a sorority? / When can I join a sorority?
  • When is fraternity recruitment? / When is fraternity recruitment happening? / When can I pledge a fraternity?
  • What fraternities does SLU have? / What fraternities are on campus? /  What frats are on campus?
  • How do I register for fraternity recruitment? / How do I join a fraternity? / When can I join a fraternity? / How can I join a frat?

Student Life Events

  •  Who are the GIC (Great Issues Committee) speakers this year? / Who is speaking for GIC? 

Shuttle Schedule

  • When does the next shuttle head to Med campus? / What’s the shuttle schedule today?
  • Does SLU have a shuttle? / Where is the shuttle? / How can I view the shuttle schedule? /  When is the shuttle coming? / Where can I get the shuttle?

SLU Ride

  • How do I contact SLU Ride? / How do I get SLU Ride? / What’s the number to SLU Ride? 
Vital Statistics 

Change of Address

  •  How do I update my address? / I need to update my address. / Where do I go to update my address? 

Name Changes

  • How do I change my official name? / Where do I change my name? / My name is wrong.


Using Alexa to Make Phone Calls

You can use Alexa as a speakerphone to call many locations on and off campus. To use this feature, say “Alexa, call…” (e.g. – Alexa, call the IT Help Desk).

Please note that your Amazon Alexa Echo Dot does not support dialing 911 for emergencies. You must use a regular or cellular phone to dial 911. You may use your Echo Dot to call the Department of Campus Safety by saying “Alexa, call Campus Safety.”

Current List of On-Campus Numbers
  • ITS / Service Desk / Help Desk / IT Help Desk / IT Service Desk
  • ATC / Academic Tech Commons

  •  Registrar / Registrar's Office

  •  Pius / Pius Library / The Library

  •  Medical Center Library / Med Library

  •  Law Library

  •  DPS / SLU Security / Security / Campus Safety

  •  Human Resources

  •  Bookstore / SLU Bookstore

  •  Campus Ministry

  •  Campus Recreation

  •  Parking and Card Services / Parking / Card Services

  •  Career Services

  •  Center for Service and Community Engagement / Community Engagement

  •  Chaifetz Arena / Chaifetz

  •  DineSLU

  •  Student Conduct

  •  Disability Services

  •  Student Health

  •  Student Involvement Center / Student Involvement

  •  Financial Services / Student Financial Services

  •  Student Success Center

  •  Housing and Residence Life / Res Life / Housing

  •  Tuition Payments

  •  University Counseling Center / Counseling Center / Counseling

  •  College of Arts and Sciences / Arts and Sciences

  •  College of Philosophy and Letters / Philosophy

  •  College for Pulic Health and Social Justice / CPHSJ

  •  Doisy College of Health Sciences / DCHS / Health Sciences

  •  Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business / School of Business / SLU Biz

  •  Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology / Parks

  •  School of Education / Education / School of Ed

  •  School of Medicine

  •  School of Nursing / Nursing / SON

  •  School for Professional Studies / SPS

  •  School of Social Work / Social Work

  •  Center for Advanced Dental Education / CADE

  •  Center for Outcomes Research / SLU COR

 Current List of Off-Campus Numbers
  •  Pickleman's
  • Papa John's Pizza
  • Papa John's
  • Domino's Pizza
  • Domino's
  • Imo's Pizza
  • Imo's
  • Snarf's